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guide clamp cp1021  guide clamp a cp1021 


CP-1021 Std. Reinforced Guide Clamp with Beam
Availability - 10" NPS to 36" NPS
Application -
⦁ To control piping movement primarily perpendicular to the pipe axis.
⦁ To provide both vertical and lateral restraint after gap is closed due to pipe movement while allowing for axial thermal expansion and contraction. Clamp stiffness defines the Resistance.
⦁ Please note that this clamp is a guide not a hold down clamp.

CP-1021 Hold Down Clamps have no tightening gap but have a defined gap between the pipe & the bearing. Lateral gap between pipe and the Bearing Material is to be defined by customer between 1/4” and 1/2”.

cp1021 chart






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