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Wear Pads TRI*WEAR™

TRI*WEAR™ are our premier pipe protection surface pads for areas that will be exposed to rubbing, vibration or small impact loadings. TRI*WEAR™ acts as a second skin protection reinforcing the contact surface. They act as insulators and prevent surface induced corrosion by keeping out moisture, isolating electrical continuity and have superior chemical resistance. TRI*WEAR™ Wear Pads eliminate metal to metal contact and corrosion.

Wear Pad

Made from Fiberglass reinforced Vinyl Ester and Epoxy resins, TRI*WEAR™ Wear Pads provide a non-conductive surface that has from 35,000 to 45,000 psi compressive strength and operating temperatures from -60°F to 400°F.  Where required, instead of Fiberglass provide Polypropylene, Aramid or Carbon fiber reinforcement to even further enhance the flexure, impact resistance or strength of your unitque application needs.


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TRI*WEAR™ PAD Instalation Procedure