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Pipe Clamps

AAA Technology & Specialties Co., Inc. has the pipe clamps you need at the prices you want.  Our pipe clamps are recommended for the support of hot or cold piping where little or no insulation is required on the piping and the loads to be carried are larger in magnitude than can be safely carried by standard 2 bolt pipe clamps.
TRI*FOAM™ rigid urethane pipe saddles may be used when low temperature piping is needed.  Selection of the proper 2 bolt  pipe clamps depend upon the temperature of the piping system and loads to be carried.

Pipe Clamps - Construction

Construction of pipe clamps are commonly made of carbon steel, for light duty special requirements alloy or stainless steel can be used.
Available finishes for pipe clamps are black, hot dip galvanized, electro-plated or painted to customers requirements.
Sizes available for pipe clamps range from 1/2 inch to 42 inch in diameter.

Larger size pipe clamps are available for custom fabrication.

TRI*WEAR Wear™  wear pads can be added for pipe protection for areas that will be exposed to rubbing or vibration.

Search through our easy figures to locate the proper size pipe clamp you need for your project.

Over 40 years of service in the Houston, Texas region.  Call for a quote or email with your needs.  We are always happy to help out.


pipe clamp 3 bolt pipe clamp hold down insulated pipe clamps





Hardware Main

u bolt u bolt light duty u bolt heavy duty
FIG 700 FIG 703 FIG 706
pipe clamp 2 bolt standard pipe clamp 2 bolt intemidiate pipe clamp 2 bolt heavy
FIG 712 FIG 715 FIG 718
pipe clamp 2 bolt x heavy 3 bolt pipe clamp standard 3 bolt pipe clamp intermidiate
FIG 721 FIG 724 FIG 727
pipe clamp 3 bolt heavy pipe clamp 3 bolt x heavy pipe clamp alloy
FIG 730 FIG 733 FIG 736
pipe clamp alloy intermidiate alloy yoke pipe clamp alloy yoke pipe clamp HD
FIG 739 FIG 748 FIG 751
riser pipe clamp offset pipe clamp extended pipe clamp
FIG 754 FIG 763 FIG 766
riser pipe clamp