About Us

AAA Technology & Specialties Co., Inc., was founded on 1971 in Houston, TX, to fulfill the pipe support, pipe hangers, engineered spring hangers and custom fabrication needs of the process industry.  In 1999, AAA Technology spun off the Engineering Software and Consulting Division to form a separate sister corporation called PipingSolutions, Inc.  AAA Technology focuses on engineered component design and fabrication of pipe support hardware and supplies available for distribution worldwide.

Corrosion Resistant Pipe Shoe
Adjustable Pipe Stand with U-Bolts and Knock-out Block

Custom Fabrication of Pipe Supports  to the Highest Standards

AAA Technology manufactures engineered spring hangers and other pipe supports in accordance with the applicable ANSI/ASME Codes for Pressure Piping, MSS Standards SP-58 and SP-69 and the applicable U.S. Government specifications pipe supports.  Quality is designed and built into every engineered “EQUAL™” and “EQUALBALANCE™” variable spring hangers or constant spring hangers.

Quality Policy

Through quality services / products, continuous improvement of product quality and processes efficiency, and in order to obtain customer confidence that product quality is achieved, AAA Technology Management has established the following strategic objectives:

  • Maintain customer confidence at the highest level and increase customer satisfaction regarding the quality of products provided
  • Increase productivity and reduce the costs of poor quality
  • Open new opportunities by the implementation of new technologies and equipment in production
  • Increase personnel competence by training, awareness and evaluation.


In order to achieve these objectives, we establish the following strategies:

  • Implementation of a QMS in compliance with ISO 9001
  • Deployment of quality responsibilities at all levels of the organization
  • Better communication on quality, both internally and externally
  • Increase awareness of quality issues in Production
  • Periodic evaluation of employee performance, employee satisfaction and establishing of necessary corrective actions.
FIG. 5600 SERIES TYPE “F1U” Flat Top with 1 TRI*BOLT & 1 TRI*GUARD with Base Plate