Fig 554 Steel C Clamp with Lock Nut

 APPLICATION: All Thread Rod is the most versatile type of hanger rod. Since

APPLICATION: Steel C Clamps with Locknuts are used to mechanically attach hanger rods to supporting structural members where the welding of Beam Brackets or Side Beam Brackets is not desired or allowed. The structural member may be I beams, wide flange beams, channels, tees or angles where the thickness does not exceed ¾”. The locking nut when tightened prevents loosening of the “set screw” from vibration. In piping systems where vibration is of a concern, the Steel C Clamp with Locknut is highly recommended.
CONSTRUCTION: Steel C Clamps are made of carbon steel. Hardened steel cup point “set screws” with carbon steel locknuts are also provided.
FINISHES AVAILABLE: Black, Electro-Plated or HDG.
ORDERING: Specify figure number, rod diameter, name and finish.
EXAMPLE: Fig. 554, 5/8”, Steel C Clamp with Locknut, HDG.

Fig 554 Steel C Clamp with Lock Nut DIM

Steel C Clamp with Lock Nut

Fig 554 Steel C Clamp with Lock Nut

43/82 3/82 3/85/84000.40
41/22 3/82 3/85/85000.40
55/82 5/162 3/83/45500.60
63/42 5/162 3/83/46300.68
87/83 5/1631 3/812001.88