Fig 621 Adjustable Band Hanger with PVC Coating

APPLICATION: An Adjustable Band Hanger with PVC Coating with Swivel Nut provides for vertical support of small diameter piping systems. The elevation of the piping system may be altered by adjusting the position of the swivel nut on the hanger rod at the top of the hanger. Temporary support is not required for the piping while elevation changes are being made. The swivel nut is knurled to provide a gripping surface for the use of pliers when adjusting the elevation of the pipe. The nut has a retainer to keep it from dropping out of the ring while it is in the open position being fitted onto the pipe. The PVC coating prevents electrolysis between the pipe and the hanger and it reduces transmitted noise and vibration.
CONSTRUCTION: An Adjustable Band Hanger with PVC Coating with a Swivel Nut consists of a piece of carbon steel shaped to the proper configuration and a swivel nut. The support strap is coated with PVC to a point just above the centerline of the pipe.
FINISHES AVAILABLE: Galvanized before shaped then PVC coated.
ORDERING: Specify figure number, nominal pipe diameter and name.
EXAMPLE: Fig. 621, 3”, PVC Coated Adjustable Band Hanger w/ Swivel Nut.

Fig 621 Adjustable Band Hanger with PVC Coating DIM

Adjustable Band Hanger with PVC Coating

Fig 621 Adjustable Band Hanger

1/24003/83/801 5/83 1/81 3/1618ga x 5/80.08
3/44003/83/801 9/163 1/81 1/1618ga x 5/80.08
16003/83/801 3/43 3/81 1/1618ga x 5/80.08
1 1/46003/83/801 11/163 3/47/818ga x 5/80.1
1 1/26003/83/801 13/163 7/87/818ga x 5/80.1
26003/83/802 1/24 1/41 5/1618ga x 5/80.12
2 1/26001/23/802 3/45 3/41 1/414 ga. x 3/40.32
36001/23/803 1/861 1/814 ga. x 3/40.35
3 1/26001/23/803 5/86 3/41 1/214 ga. x 3/40.39
410005/83/803 7/87 3/81 1/413ga x 3/40.43
510005/81/206 1/891 3/812ga x 10.65
612503/41/205 5/169 3/8212ga x 11.09
812503/41/206 15/1612 1/42 5/811ga x 11.24