Fig 833 Large Diameter Pipe Roller Support Stand

APPLICATION: Fig. 833 Pipe Roller Support Stand is used to support heavy piping where; significant movement along the axis of the heavy piping at the support location occurs due to thermal expansion or contraction of the piping; no vertical adjustment is required. A Roller Support Stand is designed to be bolted or welded to the supporting structural member.

CONSTRUCTION: A Fig. 833 PIpe Roller Support Stand consists of an inner and outer wheel with a stainless steel rod and carbon steel plate base. FINISH: The Roller Support can be provided with a black, painted or hot dip galvanized finish. ORDERING: Specify figure number (Fig. 833), pipe diameter, non-standard options, if other than desired finish.
EXAMPLE: Fig. 833, 48in, Roller Support, HDG.

Fig 833 Large Diameter Pipe Roller Supprt Stand DIM

Large Diameter Pipe Roller Support Stand

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3687 13/16351/2133/4175
4287 13/16351133/4175
4487 13/16351133/4175
4687 13/16351133/4175
48810 13/16461 1/2163/4250
54810 13/16461 1/2163/4250
56811 13/16462173/4325
60811 13/16572 3/8177/8325
64812 13/16572 7/8187/8400
72814 13/16683207/8550