AAA to Binder Group Equivalence Table

Equivalence table for AAA Technology pipe support product numbers compared to the product numbers from Binder Group

Equivalence Table for AAA Technology to Binder Group

ImageAAA FigureDescriptionBinder Figure
Binder Group400All Thread RodBinder BG202
Binder Group403Machine Threaded RodsBinder BG203
Binder Group415Forged Steel ClevisBinder BG209
Binder Group418Weldless Eye NutBinder BG204
Binder Group424Forged Steel TurnbuckleBinder BG210

Binder Group
509Washer PlateBinder BG217
Binder Group518Beam Bracket With Hex Head Machine BoltBinder BG219
Binder Group521Structural Welding LugBinder BG216
Binder Group575Adjustable Hook Beam ClampBinder BG222
Binder Group603Clevis Hanger StandardBinder BG108
Binder Group700Standard U BoltBinder BG180
Binder Group712Standard 2 Bolt Pipe ClampBinder BG100
Binder Group718Heavy 2 Bolt Pipe ClampBinder BG50
Binder Group724Standard 3 Bolt Pipe ClampBinder BG101
Binder Group730Heavy 3 Bolt Pipe ClampBinder BG75
Binder Group736Standard 3 Bolt Alloy Pipe ClampBinder BG172
Binder Group754Extension Pipe Or Riser ClampBinder BG174
Binder GroupSway BracesBinder BG340
Binder GroupSnubbersBinder BG310
Binder GroupSway StrutsBinder BG350
Binder GroupVariable Spring Hangers Series E82Binder BV35
Binder GroupVariable Spring Hangers Series E268Binder BV70
Binder GroupVariable Spring Hangers Series E98Binder BV140
Binder GroupVariable Spring Hangers Series E100Binder BV210
Binder GroupConstant Spring Hangers VerticalBinder BC51
Binder GroupConstant Spring Hangers HorizontalBinder BC50