AAA to ITT Grinnell Equivalence Table

Equivalence table for AAA Technology pipe support product numbers compared to the product numbers from ITT Grinnell

Equivalence Table for AAA Technology to ITT Grinnell

ImageAAA FigureDescriptionGrinnell Figure
Grinnell400All Thread RodGrinnell Fig. 146
Grinnell403Machine Threaded RodsGrinnell Fig. 140
Grinnell415Forged Steel ClevisGrinnell Fig. 299
Grinnell418Weldless Eye NutGrinnell Fig. 290
Grinnell424Forged Steel TurnbuckleGrinnell Fig. 230
Grinnell457Eye RodGrinnell Fig. 248
Grinnell460Welded Eye RodGrinnell Fig. 278
Grinnell463Linked Eye RodsGrinnell Fig. 248X
Grinnell466Linked Welded Eye RodsGrinnell Fig. 278X

509Washer PlateGrinnell Fig. 60
Grinnell518Beam Bracket With Hex Head Machine BoltGrinnell Fig. 66
Grinnell521Structural Welding LugGrinnell Fig. 55
Grinnell524Horizontal TravelerGrinnell Fig. 170
Grinnell530Concrete Attachment Plate With Beam BracketGrinnell Fig. 49
Grinnell533Concrete Attachment Plate With Welding LugGrinnell Fig. 47
Grinnell603Clevis Hanger StandardGrinnell Fig. 260
Grinnell609Elongated Clevis HangerGrinnell Fig. 300
Grinnell615Adjustable Band HangerGrinnell Fig. 69
Grinnell700Standard U BoltGrinnell Fig. 137
Grinnell712Standard 2 Bolt Pipe ClampGrinnell Fig. 212
Grinnell718Heavy 2 Bolt Pipe ClampGrinnell Fig. 216
Grinnell724Standard 3 Bolt Pipe ClampGrinnell Fig. 295
Grinnell730Heavy 3 Bolt Pipe ClampGrinnell Fig. 295H
Grinnell736Standard 3 Bolt Alloy Pipe ClampGrinnell Fig. 295A
Grinnell748Standard Alloy Yoke ClampGrinnell Fig. 224
Grinnell751Heavy Alloy Yoke Pipe ClampGrinnell Fig. 246
Grinnell754Extension Pipe Or Riser ClampGrinnell Fig. 261
Grinnell800Insulation Protection ShieldGrinnell Fig. 167
Grinnell809Clevis Roller HangerGrinnell Fig. 181
Grinnell812Two Rod Roll Type HangerGrinnell Fig. 171
Grinnell815Adjustable Support RollerGrinnell Fig. 177
Grinnell821Pipe Roller ChairGrinnell Fig. 175
Grinnell827Pipe Roller And StandGrinnell Fig. 271
Grinnell830Adjustable Pipe Roller And StandGrinnell Fig. 274
Grinnell842Pipe Covering Protection SaddleGrinnell Fig. 160
Grinnell863Pipe Saddle U BoltGrinnell Fig. 259
Grinnell866Adjustable Pipe Saddle SupportGrinnell Fig. 264
GrinnellSway BracesGrinnell Fig. 296
GrinnellSway BracesGrinnell Fig. 301
GrinnellSnubbersGrinnell Fig. 201
GrinnellSway StrutsGrinnell Fig. 211
GrinnellSway StrutsGrinnell Fig. 211
GrinnellVariable Spring Hangers Series E82Grinnell Fig. 82
GrinnellVariable Spring Hangers Series E268Grinnell Fig. 268
GrinnellVariable Spring Hangers Series E98Grinnell Fig. 98
GrinnellVariable Spring Hangers Series E100Grinnell Fig. 100
GrinnellVariable Spring Hangers Series E110Grinnell Fig. 110
GrinnellConstant Spring Hangers VerticalGrinnell Fig.80V
GrinnellConstant Spring Hangers HorizontalGrinnell Fig. 81H